TeleVue NP101is f/5.4
Focuser modifications

NP101is with its native TeleVue Focuser :

Vertex & SkyMeca companies modifications :
TeleVue Focuser removed :
New Vertex/SkyMeca mounting and the old TeleVue Focuser :
Support and reinforcement of the rear optical cell using TeleVue tube rings and the Losmandy dovetail :

New Vertex & SkyMeca mounting in the field :

  • Moravian CCD Camera G4-16000
  • Moravian 5p filterwheel
  • SkyMeca SkyTrack SLIM 3" OAG
  • Moravian G1-301 CCD guiding camera
  • FLI ATLAS focuser

New elements of the mounting :
TeleVue LCL-1069 corrector in floating mounting to avoid the imagery train weight.
System with double screwed adapters (Vertex/SkyMeca) :
Double assembled adapters with round dovetail for the FLI ATLAS :

FLI ATLAS Focuser :

FLI ATLAS controlled by PRISM v10 software in ASCOM :
M45 field before modifications vs NGC7023 field after Vertex/SkyMeca modifications.
The images shows the up side of the KAF-16803 chip of the Moravian G4-16000.

  • In the left image, the stars were elongated and blurred by the flexions of the native TeleVue Focuser.

  • In the right image, the stars are clean, round and tiny :
Click on the image :
The total NGC7023 field for test (600sec exposure) after Vertex/SkyMeca modifications on the TeleVue NP101is
Click on the image :